The Power Of A Greeting Card

power of a greeting cardMost of us recognize the importance of sending a thank you card to a new customer, but few realize how powerful a tool the simple greeting card is for increasing customer loyalty. When working with my clients, I recommend they send at least 3 unexpected cards a day. The results are amazing. Here are 7 suggestions for using cards to increase referrals, attract new business, and secure and improve customer loyalty no matter what you sell:

  1. After a Sale: It goes without saying that we should send a thank you card to a new customer, but for real impact send a card after every meeting with a customer or prospect.
  2. To people you don't sell: Thank you for letting me show you my product/service, I enjoyed meeting you, and I appreciate your consideration. We couldn't get together on your needs this time, but I hope that we think we can help you'll remember me. Please let me know if there is any way I can be of service.
  3. Client after sending you a referral: When someone send you a referral send them a card with a gift card included. I use a $5 or $10 Starbucks card.
  4. When you first meet someone: Any time you meet someone new, send a card letting them know it was nice meeting them. Depending on the circumstance, you may want to follow up a few days later with a post card telling them what you do in case they know of anyone who you could help.
  5. Send an unexpected card: look for reasons to congratulate, uplift or motivate others. For example when someone has a birthday, a new child, moves into a new home or office, is written up in your local newspaper, etc.
  6. “A few words about”: This is a card that starts with a few words about … example, a few words about … your presentation at today's meeting, it was great! When you meet someone, get to know their interests and when you see an article or learn something that may be of value, send it to him or her.
  7. When you receive good service: send a thank you card also if possible send a card to that person's supervisor commenting on the service you received. It's amazing how much better the service is the next time you do business.

Your probably thinking that's a lot of cards and it is. But consider this, sales trainer and success coach Tom Hopkins recommends that salespeople send out 10 cards a day. He predicts by following this routine you can multiply your average income per sale by 36 to see the minimum extra income sending cards will generate for you in the next 12 months.

NOTE: I use an automated system that sends these cards out for me. It's a powerful system that lets me send a greeting card using the internet and my computer. I choose a card, type in a note, address it, and click Send. The company prints it, stuffs it, stamps it and mails it for only $2.99 and that includes the postage! They also provide a wholesale package that cuts the cost in half.  If you want to put the ideas presented in this article into high gear, this is the tool to use. If you'd like to give it a try visit:

I hope you found this article to be informative and helpful. I welcome your comments and suggestions. If I can help you in any way feel free to contact me.