Tips For Building Customer Relationships

Tips for Building Customer RelationshipsMost business owners and sales professionals drop the ball when it comes to recognizing and appreciating their clients, especially during the first 60 days.

Why not use this natural tendency of others to slack off to separate yourself from your competition? Your clients will become enthusiastic supporters who talk to their friends about the special attention they’re getting from you. You’ll obliterate any buyer’s remorse. They’ll tell others how great it feels to know they’ve made the right choice. read more

5 Tips for Networking Effectively in Today’s Competitive World

5 Tips for Networking Effectively in Today’s Competitive WorldNetworking effectively is not only important to your business success, it’s also fun and exciting if approached with the right attitude.

Taking the time to network effectively is the first step in building relationships that lead to new prospects, contacts and sales.  In today’s wired world making personal contact, following up and building trust and rapport is the key to standing out and moving ahead of your competition.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to network more effectively in today’ competitive business environment: read more

How To Use Personal Greeting Cards To Create Customer Loyalty

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personal greeting cardsMost of us recognize the importance of sending a thank you card to a new customer, but few realize how powerful a tool the simple thank you card is for increasing customer loyalty. What I mean by custom thank you cards is making each card you send tailored to the person receiving it. The results are amazing. Here are 7 suggestions for using custom thank you cards to increase referrals, attract new business, and secure and improve customer loyalty no matter what you sell: read more