Building Profitable Business Relationships Online

Building Profitable RelationshipsI've spent years building profitable relationships both online. If I've learned anything, it's that networking is networking and in business the relationship comes first.

Yet, for some reason many otherwise intelligent marketers seem to forget all of the rules for building relationships the minute they log onto a social network. As soon as add them to your friends list they immediately pitch their product or opportunity. Of course, approaching others this way is doomed to failure.

Here are 6 common sense suggestions for building relationship online that have worked well for me.

  • Strive to meet people who share similar interests with you, make friends with enough people who look at life like you do and your business will prosper.
  • Take the time to learn about your online friends.
  • Strive to help not sell.
  • Don't presume that everyone you connect with is a prospect for your service or opportunity.
  • Make a friend first and if and only if your new friend has a need for what you have to offer ask permission to share what you have.
  • Develop a referral relationship, share what you do and learn what your online friends do so that you can help each other achieve your business and personal goals.

I firmly believe that givers gain, both online and offline. Focus on friendship first and the business will follow.

Food for thought – a profitable relationship does not have to involve business. Every friend you make online or offline adds value to your life, that's true profit.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. Please add your comments and suggestions and share this article with others.