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6 Ways To Follow-up Effectively … Without Annoying Prospects

In this week's Relationship Marketing Weekly, our feature article is:

“6 Ways To Effectively Follow Up… Without Annoying Prospects”

How would it feel if you got a daily reminder email from your better half asking if you still valued this relationship? Or a “just checking” call every other day? Annoyed, of course.

Let's face it, you can't be too pushy, especially in new relationships.

Understanding this while in the follow-up process, will help you strike the right balance with your prospects. read more

How To Build and Maintain Profitable Relationships

How-to-Build-and-Maintain-Profitable-RelationshipsBuilding and maintaining profitable relationships with your clients and prospects is essential to your success, no matter what business your are in. Your goal is to create clients who are totally sold on you and the services you provide, welcome the opportunity to refer others to you, and purchase additional products and services from you.

Here are 4 ideas that you can use to convert prospects into clients, retain long-term clients, and build an army of satisfied customers who look for ways to send business your way. read more

3 Steps to Maximize Your Referral Marketing Radar

3 steps to maximize your referral marketingradarThis article introduces a three step Referral Marketing System that will help you increase your referral radar and build a network of referral partners who generate a continuous flow of new business.

While most business owners and sales professional know that qualified referrals make the best clients, they fail to follow a systematic approach to building relationships with a network of referral partners that generate a continuous flow of word-of-mouth business.

To start a great referral network, you'll need to be familiar with these three steps: read more

Creating Customer Loyalty: a Six-Step Model

Creating Customer LoyaltyMost business people think that just because a client likes them and is satisfied with their services, they must be doing a good job in building relationships. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is there is a huge difference between having clients like you, and like you enough to put their reputation on the line by referring their friends and associates to you. This article introduces 6 steps that you can use to create customer loyalty and generate a stream of customer referrals. read more

Tips For Building Customer Relationships

Tips for Building Customer RelationshipsMost business owners and sales professionals drop the ball when it comes to recognizing and appreciating their clients, especially during the first 60 days.

Why not use this natural tendency of others to slack off to separate yourself from your competition? Your clients will become enthusiastic supporters who talk to their friends about the special attention they're getting from you. You'll obliterate any buyer's remorse. They'll tell others how great it feels to know they've made the right choice. read more

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