5 Tips for Proactive Appreciation Marketing

5 Tips For Proactive Appreciation MarketingImagine what it would be like if every one of your clients was supporting you in your quest to succeed. Would they be providing referrals?  Would they be paying the full value for your services? Would they be buying more often? What would they be doing to help you that they are not doing now? Following the guidelines in this article can go a long way to making the above dream a reality.


It’s said that appreciation beats self-promotion every time. Do you agree? If so, do you have a written client appreciation plan in place? Does it include a vision of what it should accomplish in the minds of your clients? If not, you’re missing out on a powerful resource – your clients. A well focused customer appreciation plan can turn your clients into loyal advocates who will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Be sure to share your vision with your employees and co-workers and get their feedback. The most effective visions are those that are shared by everyone in your organization.  When involved, people will believe it and live it!  Be certain that the resulting vision is clearly communicated to everyone connected with your organization.

Appreciation Oriented Culture

All employees and co-workers must realize that they work for the client.  Does every person in your organization understand the impact they have on your clients, and that their job is to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of all clients? Every other task is of secondary importance.

Written Appreciation Policies

Customer appreciation policies that are written benefit both your customers and employees.

Make certain that your staff and co-workers understand the importance of their part in developing a culture focused on showing appreciation to your clients for the part that they play in your organizations success.


Train, train and then retrain yourself, your employees and your co-workers. Give them on-the-job training, off-the-job training, tapes, books, seminars, workshops, and anything else that will help them interact in meaningful ways with your clients.  Encourage both professional and personal development.

Clear Standards of Performance

Does everyone know exactly what he or she must do to go beyond customer service into the realm of customer appreciation?  Create clear standards that are measurable so that you can reward them when they do move beyond customer service. When employees achieve these performance levels, customer retention, increased sales, customer loyalty and referrals will naturally follow.

The above five steps are simple but not easy. It takes determination, focus and hard work to move beyond customer service and into the realm of customer appreciation. The rewards, both personal and financial, are well worth it.

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